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Guangbo Paper Products Co., Ltd. won the 2022 Ningbo Youth Safety Production Demonstration Post
Release time:2023-03-15 Browse times:189

Safety is more important than Mount Tai. On March 13, the folding sewing team in the boutique book workshop of Guangbo Paper Products Co., Ltd. was awarded the 2022 Ningbo Youth Safety Production Demonstration Post.

Behind this stable and safe production is the positive awareness of all young employees on the job to strive for the vanguard, the atmosphere of comparison and surpassing in the workshop, and the pattern of "everyone in charge of safety" in the company.Promote the safety awareness of young employees through internal mentoring, the first safety lesson, "mentoring"and other forms.Regularly carry out the promotion and implementation of a series of decisions and deployments on safety production work, and enterprise safety production regulations. Carry out special training combining emergency knowledge and equipment operation specifications to lay a solid foundation for young employees to learn safety skills.

It is hoped that all employees of Guangbo Group can strengthen the red line awareness and bottom line thinking of safety production, and create a good safety production environment for promoting the construction of the company.


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