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Undertaking historical missions and adhering to ideals and beliefs -- Guangbo Group held the "July 1st" commendation conference
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The original intention reflects the future, and the example leads the times. On June 25, Guangbo Group held a grand party member meeting to commend the group's excellent Communists, excellent party workers, excellent grass-roots party organizations and excellent volunteers. Under the leadership of Wang Liping, secretary of the Party committee, Guangbo Group reviewed the glorious history and great achievements of the party, and encouraged all Party organizations and Party members of the company to learn from advanced examples, keep the original mission in mind, and have the courage to act. We will continue to usher in a new era and expand the development of various undertakings.


At the meeting, Comrade Wang Liping, secretary of the Party committee, delivered an important speech, briefly describing the historical mission undertaken by the Communist Party of China, the ideals and beliefs it adheres to, and the leaders of the people have created a great nation and a great country. As a party member, we should feel honored and proud, full of confidence and strength.Then he told the vivid story of the party members' pioneers in the three production bases of Ningbo, Suqian and Vietnam. He pointed out that Guangbo Communists had made extraordinary contributions wherever they were, continued the red gene, went to the mission with enthusiasm and fulfilled their promises with action. Each period has its mission and belief, and each generation has its responsibility. As long as a theme is anchored and pushed forward, it will be an inevitable logic to achieve Guangbo new brilliance in the new era and achieve Guangbo new development in the new situation.

He hopes that Guangbo’s Party members, cadres and young employees should continue to grow, dare to catch up with distant dreams, and integrate the endless torrent of the times. Because you don't advance, you will fall back, so you should strive to adhere to it to achieve better development!


The meeting also presented certificates of merit and banners to excellent volunteers, excellent party members, excellent party workers and excellent party branches. Three excellent representatives made speeches, introducing the deeds and experiences of basing themselves on their own posts, practicing their mission with practice, and interpreting loyalty with dedication, and introducing the practices of strengthening Party construction. All Party members were deeply inspired by the education, which is worthy of serious study and reference.

After the meeting, all Party members will carefully study the speech of Party secretary Wang Liping and implement it into their work and study.

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