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Guangbo Group opens the first empowerment and improvement course
Release time:2022-05-25 Browse times:1489


In order to implement the spirit of the executive meeting in a timely manner, further expand and strengthen the company, timely convey the company's development plan and various work requirements to the majority of management cadres and grass-roots employees, carry forward the company's culture, and enable employees to identify with the company's culture and values from their hearts, the senior leaders of Guangbo Group have started a series of enabling and improving courses in combination with their actual business needs. On May 20, general manager Wang Junping gave a vivid management course to all middle-level management cadres.


Wang Junping believes that the self cognition of management cadres is mainly reflected in three aspects: Firstly, what is a management cadre. Secondly, what a management cadre should do. Thirdly, how a management cadre should do. He pointed out that management cadres should size up the situation, see themselves clearly, and use easy examples to understand. At last, he put forward that Guangbo is to let a group of people complete a seemingly impossible thing.


After the general manager finishes the lecture, all senior leaders will also give lectures in succession. At the same time, there will be centralized learning and group discussion. It can be said that the next series of lectures to enhance the ability will be full of schedule, content and harvest.


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