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Let the light of youth shine in labor -- Guangbo Group organizes the May 4th Youth Day
Release time:2022-04-29 Browse times:1577

In order to welcome the May 4th Youth Day, do a good job in "cleaning and beautifying the factory" and create a clean and tidy working environment, the Youth League Committee of Guangbo group organized a round of vigorous cleaning activities for the Youth League members on April 28. More than 40 Youth League members from all departments of the group participated in this activity.Everyone gave full play to their pioneering role, put on masks, picked up brooms, dustpans, rags and other labor tools, and cleaned the training room, many corners and public facilities in Building One.

Through the Youth League Committee activities on the May 4th Youth Day, young people are not afraid of tiredness and dirt. Once again, they have made their own contribution to the plant environment with their own actions. It has not only enhanced the cohesion and environmental health awareness of Youth League members, but also created a cleaner, beautiful and comfortable working and learning environment for employees.

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