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Constant attention and constant ringing of alarm bell -- Guangbo Group holds fire safety work deployment meeting
Release time:2022-04-19 Browse times:1512

On the afternoon of April 19, Guangbo Group held a fire safety work deployment meeting. Chairman Wang Liping made an important speech on the current fire safety situation in spring. Members of the group's safety committee and comrades in charge of the production bases of the two headquarters' production bases attended the meeting and made presentations.

The department heads of each branch analyzed the existing safety problems in their respective departments, and put forward specific rectification measures for key safety risks such as hazardous chemicals, special facilities and equipment, fire safety access, illegal use of electrical appliances and so on.


Chairman Wang Liping made an important speech after patiently listening to all the speeches and recording them. He stressed: we should accurately grasp the importance of safety production in the operation of the company, firmly establish the bottom line thinking of fire safety work, and all leaders and employees in charge should take positive action to fully implement the responsibility of safety production.

Wang Liping pointed out that machinery, private electrical appliances, dangerous chemicals, vehicles in the plant area, open fire and dark fire are the key points of our safety work. All department heads should manage and be responsible for each key point.Firstly, to do a good job in civilized production, people are the first priority. The foundation of the system lies in the implementation in place. Each employee should continue to establish the awareness of civilized production. Secondly, leaders in charge of all departments are the first responsible person for safety work. They must manage in place, strictly avoid formalism and oppose going through the motions.Thirdly, we should earnestly rectify the problems and hidden dangers found, strengthen training and increase necessary facility investment.

Finally, he stressed that safety work is related to the development focus of the company. We must always pay attention to safety production. It is the responsibility and obligation of each of us to create a healthy and safe enterprise environment.

Shu Yueping, deputy secretary of the Party committee, presided over the meeting. And the meeting materials were transmitted to Suqian and Vietnam production bases.


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