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Guangbo Group carries out nucleic acid sampling and detection for all staff
Release time:2022-04-14 Browse times:1631

In order to strengthen Guangbo's epidemic prevention and control defense line, implement the epidemic prevention and control decision-making and deployment, and effectively ensure the health and life safety of employees, Guangbo Group organized and carried out nucleic acid testing for all employees on April 14. All employees of the company were tested to help win the battle of epidemic prevention and control.


In order to do a good job in this nucleic acid test, the leaders of the company attached great importance to it and deployed it in advance. The party office and the group office actively communicated with the designated hospitals in Shiqi street, invited medical staff to take samples at home, and set up three test points to facilitate the test. During the test, the inspection personnel carried out in batches in an orderly manner according to the epidemic prevention regulations. Everyone consciously wore masks, kept a distance of one meter, and actively cooperated with the medical staff to complete the sampling work.


Since the discovery of confirmed cases in Ningbo, Guangbo Group has held an emergency meeting on epidemic prevention and control for the first time to convey and implement the latest important deployment of epidemic prevention and control at all levels, formulate and issue relevant epidemic prevention notice requirements in time, compact the responsibilities of all parties, strictly and carefully implement prevention and control measures, and be responsible to ensure that epidemic prevention and control work is carried out correctly.



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