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Green ecology, Party members first -- Guangbo Group carries out party member day activities
Release time:2022-04-06 Browse times:1481

Spring comes round to the earth again and everything looks fresh. On April 2, the Party committee of Guangbo Group organized the activity of "green ecology, Party members first" to contribute to beautifying the company's environment.


Wang Liping, Party secretary of Guangbo Group, issued an important instruction: do not engage in formalism and show off. We must give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members, work hard and make a real contribution to saving the cost of the company.


Digging, transporting, filling... The hot labor site has become a beautiful scenery under the warm spring breeze and sun, and has added vitality to the company.Under the leadership of Party secretary Wang Liping, everyone was full of labor spirit and the atmosphere was in full swing. Finally, they took out their mobile phones to take a group photo with their "comrades in arms".


This activity is not only a labor, but also the embodiment of the spirit of Party members. The activity not only raised the awareness of Party members to save costs, but also encouraged them to put their roots deep into the soil, work down-to-earth, always remind themselves not to forget their original intention, and always maintain the background of honest and clean party spirit.


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