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Skillfully making lipstick to celebrate the "goddess" festival
Release time:2022-03-08 Browse times:1496

To celebrate the advent of the 112th international "March 8th" women's day, on March 8th, the trade union and women's Federation of Guangbo Group took part in the manual DIY lipstick making activity with all female employees. At the event site, everyone showed their skills and presented an unforgettable holiday gift for themselves.


During the activity, everyone was enthusiastic and listened carefully to the teacher's explanation of the production method of lipstick.In a relaxed atmosphere, the "goddesses" orderly selected the color number according to the steps explained by the teacher, prepared the essential oil, carefully heated it with toner and beeswax, and finally poured it into the mold to wait for cooling and forming.After a while, each "goddess" had a "exclusive lipstick" made by herself. During the cooling process, the teachers also taught everyone to do health yoga. Finally, Gong Kena from the production planning center also sang a song for everyone, so that everyone had an unforgettable women's day.


The happy smiles on the faces of the "goddesses" are like the delicate flowers blooming in spring, and the lipstick made by themselves adds a touch of gorgeous color to the flowers and becomes a beautiful scenery.


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