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Guangbo Group held 2021 annual commendation meeting
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On the afternoon of January 28, in a jubilant atmosphere, the 2021 annual commendation conference of Guangbo Group opened. The senior leaders of the group and nearly 300 employee representatives who stick to the front line gathered together to review the achievements of 2021, look forward to the vision of 2022 and celebrate the arrival of the Spring Festival.


At the meeting, Wang Liping, secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the group company, delivered a congratulatory message for the Spring Festival. He first expressed his gratitude to the employees who worked hard in various work in the past year, and sent greetings and blessings for the Spring Festival to all Guangbo people and their families. Then he summarized and reviewed the work of the past year, and said that in the face of the complex internal and external environment, the group company moved forward with heavy load, dared to take responsibility, created a new situation of the new economy in the new era, further implemented the company's high-quality development and transformation tasks, and better completed various annual indicators.


He stressed that in the coming year, the group company will still focus on its employees, and make every effort to create a better working environment for them, improve labor efficiency, improve employee income, and make employees the most powerful endogenous driving force for the development of the company.


     Healthy atmosphere cultivates new style, and example conveys strength. In the past year, a large number of excellent employees have emerged in various posts. They contribute silently. They are a strong positive energy. Shu Yueping, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the group company, announced the award-winning list of advanced workers in 2021. Three comrades including Li Gang, Zhang Wuming and Wang Kaiyao spoke on behalf of advanced workers.


With the end of the advanced recognition, the lucky draw of the conference officially kicked off, which instantly mobilized the atmosphere and made everyone feel the warmth of Guangbo family. In the new year, we will start from a new starting point. In the new year, we will climb a new journey hand in hand. Guangbo people firmly believe that we will create a better and brighter tomorrow. The commendation meeting was presided over by Wang Junping, general manager of the group company.

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