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There is light in the heart, retrograde and go up - Vietnam production base
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In recent months, the epidemic situation in Vietnam has been grim. On January 3, Guangbo Group held its first executive meeting in 2022. At the meeting, chairman Wang Liping specially pointed out that in the past year, colleagues in Vietnam production base did not shrink back in the face of the outbreak of the epidemic and went the opposite way. Their behavior fully carried forward the Guangbo spirit and wrote the main melody of positive energy.




He stressed that great employees can create great enterprises, and comrades who go retrograde to Vietnam are great employees. Vietnam's comrades are using their lives in the face of COVID-19, taking their lives in the fight against epidemic diseases. Our employees in Ningbo must respect and cooperate with them from their hearts, and share their joys and sorrows in the two places.

After receiving the chairman's condolences, factory director Li Mingdong in Vietnam was very moved. He said, "COVID-19 is not a single person controllable, not an organization can be prevented, not a country can refuse". No matter how the evolution of the epidemic, they will bravely face, never shrink back, and firmly believe that this epidemic will soon be over, thank the chairman, general manager and colleagues for Vietnam's base care and love.

At present, the production base is running smoothly. In addition to routine prevention and necessary self-protection, the plant will carry out comprehensive elimination work every morning, and set up whole-body automatic alcohol spraying at the entrance. In addition, the daily domestic waste in the production base shall be disposed of in time and sent out for incineration, and applications for home office for special groups and individuals, such as lactating women and pregnant women.Director Li Mingdong also mentioned that a returning employee had many difficulties in getting through the customs because of the epidemic, so they set out at 5 a.m. and returned to the motherland after nearly 24 hours of difficulties and obstacles. Only when they entered Guangxi did they feel calm.

On January 6, Dai Guoping, vice chairman of the group company, led the responsible comrades of the group office, the general manager's office and the party office to pay New Year's greetings to the families of Chinese cadres in the Vietnam branch, and brought the cordial greetings and good wishes of the group leader, chairman Wang Liping and general manager Wang Junping to the families of cadres, thanking them for their support and understanding of the work of Chinese cadres in Vietnam, Only by keeping the base camp well can they safely organize production and lead the team abroad.



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