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Guangbo Group successfully completed the election of deputies to the Haishu District People's Congress
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On the morning of December 15, it was the time for the general election of deputies to the people's Congress of Haishu District. On this sunny morning, Guangbo Group, as the main member enterprise in the 58th constituency of Shiqi street, Haishu District, set up three polling stations to organize and carry out election voting in an orderly manner according to law. The polling stations were filled with a solemn, democratic and harmonious atmosphere. The majority of voters actively fulfilled the democratic rights conferred by the constitution and the electoral law, cast a solemn vote and elected satisfactory deputies to the Haishu District People's Congress.




At each polling station, the staff have already prepared.According to the election process, the identification of verification office, invoice office, ticket writing office (secret ticket writing office) and voting office is clear. The profile of the official representative candidate, instructions to voters and publicity slogans are displayed on both sides, and epidemic prevention measures are deployed in place.Before the formal voting, firstly, conduct on-site box inspection to ensure that the whole voting process is open and transparent.After carefully understanding the relevant election matters and the introduction of the official candidates, all voters carefully filled in the ballot papers, walked to the ballot box and solemnly cast their votes.

Many employees said that although today is a working day, they still actively participated in the election, exercised their democratic rights according to law and elected deputies to the National People's Congress to their satisfaction. Because we expect the elected representatives to know more about the lives of employees and the masses, put forward better service opinions and suggestions, and play the role of communication bridge.




At the polling station of Guangbo Group's office building, Wang Liping,chairman and secretary of Guangbo Group's Party committee, and Wang Junping, general manager, took the lead in casting a sacred vote, fully demonstrating the importance and active practice of Guangbo Group's leading group in developing socialist democratic politics, adhering to and improving the people's Congress system and strengthening the construction of grass-roots state power.

Wang Liping pointed out that the change of Haishu District People's Congress is in a special period of epidemic prevention and control. Guangbo stations must organize voters to actively participate in the voting in a safe, standardized and orderly manner in strict accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention.Ensure that Guangbo polling station in constituency 58 presents a harmonious atmosphere of adhering to the party's leadership, fully carrying forward democracy, acting in strict accordance with the law and satisfying the people with the election results. We should widely mobilize voters to exercise their democratic rights with full political enthusiasm and a serious and responsible attitude, and promote the vivid practice of socialist democratic politics in Guangbo.



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