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Guangxin company carries out intellectual property training
Release time:2021-12-06 Browse times:1595

(correspondent: Bao Xiqing)


In order to improve the ability of R & D technicians in patent writing and scientific and technological literature retrieval, help R & D and innovation work and protect innovation achievements, on November 26, Guangxin company specially invited relevant experts from Ningbo scientific and technological literature retrieval service center and Ningbo Haishu Juntai patent agency to carry out special training on intellectual property rights. The R & D and technical personnel of the company responded positively.

In this patent training, experts mainly explained the basic knowledge of patent, retrieval skills, layout and mining, avoiding design and other knowledge. At the same time, it introduces the application of the website of Ningbo science and technology literature retrieval service center, and simulates the basic patent retrieval.

Through this training, the company not only understands the important role of patent layout and mining in protecting the core intellectual property rights of the enterprise, but also lays a knowledge foundation for employees to write patents in the future, encourages employees to strengthen learning and improve themselves, and adds help to the company in talent construction.


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