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Creative engine! Guangbo give full play to the strong driving force of consumption education base
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January 17, Guangbo Industrial Park, Ningbo

Outside the window, it was cold and rainy,

In the exhibition hall on the first floor of Guangbo Group

But with sunny smile

30 students of Zhongyuan primary school in Haishu district, Ningbo

Come to Haishu district experiential consumption education base

——Guangbo Group research visit!

As the first listed stationery enterprise in China, Guangbo Group is the leading comprehensive stationery supplier in China. In recent years, Guangbo stationery has invested in brand power, product power and service power, committed to building a family of cultural, creative and academic products, carefully accompany the growth of every student, and provide them with safer, higher quality and more practical writing, recording, painting, handmade and educational products. Guangbo stimulate thousands of students to explore the world and unlimited creativity, and help achieve an excellent future of efficient learning. Based on this, Guangbo Group won the title of "Haishu district experiential consumption education base" after strict investigation at all levels.




Thirty students first came to Guangbo boutique book workshop to understand the whole production process of printing, cutting, hot stamping and binding. The students were amazed by the strong smell of paper, the rumbling operation of processing equipment, advanced equipment and fully automated flow production line. During the visit, the students observed carefully, took the initiative to ask questions, and the commentators answered carefully. The atmosphere was very active.


The second stop is Guangbo brand exhibition hall, with beautiful scenery and a wide range of novel and lovely cultural and creative stationery, so that the children can't wait to run to theme booths, linger, play repeatedly and love it. The product manager also patiently and carefully explains the design inspiration and concept to the children.



The core link of this study - "winter in my mind" puzzle manual experience activity. With the help of Guangbo educational stationery, the children gave full play to their ideas and created excellent works that surprised us.



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