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2022 Guangbo Group's business planning and budgeting kick-off meeting was held
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On November 15, 2021, Guangbo held the 2022 business planning and budget preparation kick-off meeting, which was attended by nearly 50 members of the operation team of the joint stock company, representatives of branches and departments. Comrade Wang Junping, general manager of the group company, made a mobilization speech for the 2022 budget kick-off meeting.

At the meeting, Feng Yefeng, deputy general manager of the financial center and Zhang Xiaoli, director of human resources, respectively made detailed arrangements for the business planning report in 2022 and the comprehensive budget preparation, and trained and explained the personnel budget preparation next year.

      Finally, general manager Wang Junping proposed that the general program of the company's operation next year is: driven by innovation and reform and guided by performance improvement. In the preparation of general business objectives, the company adheres to the principle of high-quality development, carries out high starting point planning, and also makes specific requirements for cost reduction, efficiency improvement and downsizing objectives. President Wang stressed that the realization of the business objectives next year depends on the joint efforts of all employees and specific effective management measures. First, increase the investment in innovation and development, improve the ability of differentiation. Second, continue to optimize organizational structure and process change to improve operation efficiency. Third, strengthen the construction of talent system, improve team literacy and promote high-quality development. Fourth, take the company's value culture as the core, gather consensus and work together to achieve a new high. The above four measures are the four new key management requirements for next year.


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