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The alarm bell of safety drill rings for a long time
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(correspondent: Wu Ying)

In order to improve the fire-fighting awareness of employees and owners, enhance the adaptability and self-protection ability of employees in case of emergency, so that each employee and even the owner can master certain fire-fighting knowledge, Ningbo Guangbo Property Service Co., Ltd. takes "emergency drill begins with heart, and prevention begins with action" as the theme of this fire-fighting month. Fire drills were held in Guangbo international trade center, Yujingwan garden of Dongqian Lake and Guangbo Lijing center.

The property company and project managers served as the commander of the fire drill. They personally deployed before the drill and held a monthly meeting for deployment. The three projects of the property organized training for all employees in advance, learned relevant fire-fighting knowledge and usage of fire-fighting equipment, and mastered fire escape skills and precautions. The customer Service Department vigorously publicized the importance of fire safety door-to-door.

All employees of Guangbo international trade center and the owner conducted a fire drill on the 23rd floor. During the drill, the team cohesion of the employees was sublimated. The security supervisor carefully explained the daily fire-fighting knowledge and fire-fighting equipment to everyone patiently, and conducted practical operation on how to use all fire-fighting equipment on site, combining theory with practice. The owners of the building were highly motivated and added another drill at the request of the owners the next day. The drill of ITC was deeply affirmed and praised by the owners!





Photos of the fire drill site of the international trade center!

All employees of Guangbo yujingwan garden set up an emergency team to carry out fire drill, so that all employees can understand and learn to use fire equipment. The organization ability, command ability and emergency response ability of the emergency team have been exercised in this fire drill.





Guangbo yujingwan garden fire drill site photo!

Guangbo Lijing center cooperated with the police of southern business district and invited the building owner to carry out the monthly fire drill. Through the on-site actual drill, all employees and owners can understand and master the basic operations such as how to take necessary emergency measures, how to call the police and how to safely evacuate people, be familiar with the procedures and requirements of emergency drill, and understand the possibility of all dangers and preventive measures. Let everyone get exercise.





Fire drill photos of Guangbo Lijing center!

Under the diligent guidance of leaders at all levels, the property company successfully completed the fire drill of fire month on November 9, 2021. The drills of the three projects were carried out in an orderly and tense manner according to the plan, which was recognized by the owners.

Through this fire drill, the safety awareness and fire-fighting ability of the fire drill participants have been enhanced. All owners have a further understanding of fire safety knowledge, and their emergency response ability to sudden fire has been improved. The property will continue to make persistent efforts and forge ahead. 

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