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Guangbo Group held the third quarter business analysis meeting
Release time:2021-11-11 Browse times:1724

On the afternoon of November 9, Guangbo Group held the third quarter business analysis meeting, which aims to summarize the third quarter business work of the group company, find and solve the current problems and difficulties, and deploy the key work of the next quarter.Wang Liping, chairman of the group company, stressed that the meeting in the third quarter is a meeting with clear ideas,to find the right direction, accept challenges, solve difficulties and strive for brilliance. We must have full confidence and make great efforts to achieve the expected goals.

First of all, the directors of each section of the holding company and the directors of each section of the joint stock company made a brief report on the work in the third quarter. In view of some problems in the work, Wang Liping pointed out that if you encounter problems, don't escape, let alone be afraid, you must face up to the problems and deficiencies, and you must do solid work and overcome difficulties.




Subsequently, general manager Wang Junping made a summary and analysis on the operation of the joint stock company in the third quarter. He believed that we did not achieve the expected goal in the third quarter, and the exposed problems let us adjust from many aspects.Both business operation and management mode need to be optimized in the next quarter. There is still one and a half months before the end of the year. We must try our best to lay a solid foundation for better work in the next year.




Finally, chairman Wang Liping made a speech. The current situation is constantly changing. We need to make some changes anytime and anywhere according to the external environment.The most important thing is to improve the efficiency of the enterprise. In the face of power shortage and labor cost, we must reduce the operation cost and improve the labor production efficiency. The salesperson runs and walks more, and the management personnel act personally to expand production capacity and increase sales. At the same time, we should also pay attention to production safety and fire safety. Only when all departments strictly implement the implementation can the group build a solid foundation for development.

The meeting was presided over by chairman Wang Liping. Group leaders and management cadres above the vice president of joint-stock and holding subordinate enterprises attended the meeting.


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