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Take precautions and put life first -- Shiqi street and Guangbo Group held the 28th fire fighting competition and escape drill
Release time:2021-11-05 Browse times:1976

In order to further strengthen the fire safety awareness of all employees of the company, improve the practical skills of fire prevention and disaster relief of the staff of the safety committee, and take preventive measures, Shiqi street and Guangbo group jointly carried out the 28th fire competition and escape drill at noon on November 4.More than 50 people from relevant functional departments and economic police participated in the fire drill. Employees from different departments, team leaders and employees in positions of major hazards in production safety observed on the spot.

Before the drill, the referee mobilized before the activity and explained the competition rules and precautions in detail. The fire drill can not only improve the fire safety awareness of all employees, but also enhance the skills of fire self rescue, and play a positive role in promoting production safety and family safety in the future.

After the fire drill, the colleagues said that once a fire is found, we should deal with it calmly and do a good job in safety prevention. It is believed that today's drill activities will certainly provide effective practical experience for efficient and orderly emergency work in the future, and also lay a solid safety foundation for daily production work.



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