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Guangbo group holds 2021 annual employee congress
Release time:2021-10-27 Browse times:1784

On October 27, Guangbo group held the 2021 annual employee congress, which aims to concentrate, move forward by dream and solidly promote all work in the future. Shu Yueping, deputy secretary of the group Party committee and chairman of the trade union, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

After the meeting, the personnel director Zhang Xiaoli read out the draft employee policies, and the on-site employee representatives raised their hands to vote. Subsequently, trade union chairman Shu Yueping delivered a speech.In his speech, he affirmed the work achievements made by the employees of all departments of the group and put forward requirements for the future work of the employee representatives present. He believes that the employee representatives need a certain position and emancipate the mind.Only when the employee representatives give full play to their advantages, break the ideological constraints and keep up with the development pace of the company can they drive more excellent employees to develop together. Secondly, do not forget your original heart, stick to your post and highlight your personal value.In the next few years, employee representatives should play the role of a bridge between employees and the trade union, always cherish the heart of the enterprise, actively safeguard the interests of the company, let Guangbo's trade union work continuously enhance employees' sense of acquisition and happiness, and act as a strong backing to help Guangbo Group grow steadily.


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