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Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection came to Guangbo Group for field investigation
Release time:2021-10-21 Browse times:1824

On the afternoon of October 20, Yang Ye, deputy secretary of Ningbo Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, came to Guangbo group to conduct field research on the construction of clean and honest enterprises.Deputy Secretary Yang Ye and his delegation first visited the sample exhibition hall of Guangbo building. He pointed out that Guangbo Group must have made great efforts to develop from the printing plant to today's scale. Subsequently, deputy secretary Yang ye came to Guangbo anti-corruption corridor and anti-corruption conversation room and had a discussion.

At the symposium, Shu Yueping, secretary of the discipline inspection commission of Guangbo Group, made a brief report on the development of the company and the work of the discipline inspection commission. Secretary Yang highly affirmed the work of Guangbo Group's discipline inspection commission, especially the "clean government corridor" on the ninth floor is a model of clean government work for private enterprises.Finally, a wide range of cultural and creative Guangbo products brightened people's eyes. He proposed that the clean culture can be integrated into the innovation of cultural products in the future and create a clean and honest atmosphere through products.




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