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Guangbo Group organized the 2021 team talent training camp
Release time:2021-10-18 Browse times:1703

On the morning of October 8, Guangbo Group held the opening ceremony of the 2021 team talent training camp in building 2, where nearly 100 talent students from different departments gathered.

Shu Yueping, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Guangbo group, made a speech. He said that talents are the basis of Guangbo's sustainable development. Enterprises without talents can't survive, let alone success.Guangbo will select suitable talents through various dimensions, and train and manage them according to different needs, so that the enterprise can be in an invincible position.




After the opening ceremony, the first batch of students began intensive training courses. After class, everyone expressed the hope that there would be more such professional courses, which would be of great benefit to their work.

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