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Strive for Guangbo’s quality and benefits
Release time:2021-09-24 Browse times:1966

On September 24, Guangbo Group held a quality mobilization meeting with Ningbo production base.All participants first watched a video clip to promote the spirit of struggle, and then the host read out the purpose and agenda of the quality conference. The whole venue was full of fighting spirit.

Product quality is not only the foundation for enterprises to move towards high-quality development, but also the cornerstone of sustainable development. Without excellent quality, the rest is empty talk.Subsequently, the person in charge of the enterprise management department read out a briefing on the recent product quality events and made a statement. He believed that the quality awareness should be deeply imprinted in the hearts and hands of all employees.

Xu Teng, general manager of Ningbo production base, summarized his opinions on how to do a good job in quality management and tighten the string of quality. He said that quality and efficiency cast the enterprise spirit. Only by continuous improvement and progress can we do a good job in Guangbo brand.

At the end of the meeting, the chairman made an important speech. He proposed that product quality is created. All the management cadres present must establish a sense of awe for quality. Only when the production is controlled and the inspection is checked at all levels can the quality of the products be guaranteed.Hope everyone present will always put quality and efficiency first, work hard for the prosperity of the joint-stock company and our own value.

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