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Task before rainstorm
Release time:2021-09-07 Browse times:1950

On the afternoon of September 6, a rainstorm came suddenly. The pouring rain not only brought us a moment of cool, but also relieved the stevedores in front of Building 5. Because just half an hour ago, they were carrying a mountain of goods.

In recent days, Guangbo's warehouse has been operating at full capacity. 18 containers of goods plus 10 tons of purchased goods make it difficult for the warehouse department, which is already short of manpower.Despite the shortage of manpower, tight time, heavy goods and small place, under the command and dispatching of management personnel such as Yang Xibo and Shu Yunfang, everyone did not slacken under the high temperature. Empty containers were filled and transported away in an orderly manner, and everyone was busy and dripping with sweat.

When it was in full swing, there were bursts of thunder in the sky. The stevedores accelerated their actions without hesitation. Everyone ran away and finally packed all the goods before the first drop of rain fell!


After several days of intense work, the cohesion between departments and employees has been further strengthened, which also provides a strong and solid backing for solving the problem of warehouse goods in the future.

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